Hoopstuff’s 2012 NBA Mock Draft

Hoopstuff 2012 NBA Mock Draft

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1. Charlotte Bobcats: Anthony Davis- PF- Kentucky

– Davis will be the first pick regardless of whatever team is drafting, as he is the consensus top player in this draft. He may not bring the offense the team sorely needs, but he is already dominant defensively and has an up and coming offensive game. He would form a top defensive duo with current rookie, Bismack Biyombo. If Davis can tap just half of his potential, he will be well worth the first pick.

2. Washington Wizards: Bradley Beal- SG- Florida

– After losing Nick Young, the Wizards are weak at shooting guard, but the talented Beal could become a superstar two-guard in the NBA. No player helped himself in the tournament more than Beal, who almost brought his team to the Final Four. Beal could become the best player in this draft class.

3. New Jersey Nets: Thomas Robinson- PF- Kansas

– Robinson is arguably the second best prospect in the draft and maybe the most NBA ready player. He is a beast down low and will be a daily double-double threat in the pros. He has superstar potential and seems to be a sure thing. The Nets may lose Deron Williams and would need a new franchise player, which Robinson could one day become.

4. New Orleans Hornets: Michael Kidd Gilchrist- SF- Kentucky

– Another fast riser, Kidd Gilchrist has surpassed Barnes as the top small forward in this draft class. He is younger, plays with more intensity and plays better defense. He is a young player who will do what it takes to be great, he also has fantastic intangibles and took on a surprising leadership role on a stacked Kentucky Wildcats squad.

5. Sacramento Kings: Jarred Sullinger- PF- Ohio State

– Another great power forward prospect and one of the best players in the nation for the last two years, Sullinger is NBA ready and has serious talent. He is also a hard worker and has great character, which is needed on the young Kings team.

6. Toronto Raptors: Harrison Barnes- SF- North Carolina

– Barnes has fallen hard based on his struggles for most of the season, however he is too talented to fall past the Raptors, who just happen to truly need a small forward. He is NBA ready and has superstar potential, but it is surprising that he did not become the star that most expected him to become in college. However, he has the talent to turn it around and become a go-to player in the NBA.

7. Cleveland Cavaliers- Andre Drummond- C- UCONN

– Many have compared Drummond to Dwight Howard, as they have similar builds and are both extremely athletic, but Drummond’s lackluster freshman year have people wondering if he has the mindset to become a star like Howard and if he is ready to play in the NBA. Center happens to be a need in Cleveland and he is simply too talented to pass on. He could become one of the best centers in the NBA one day, which makes for great value at 7.

8. Detroit Pistons: Perry Jones- PF- Baylor

– Jones disappointed during his sophomore year at Baylor and has not dominated the way someone with his talent should. However he has an NBA body and NBA talent, so it should be a matter of time for him to put it all together. The Pistons have nothing at power forward and a supreme athlete would look good next to the finesse game of star center, Greg Monroe.

9. Utah Jazz (From Golden State): Damian Lillard- PG- Weber State

– The Jazz have had four lottery picks over the last two years and have taken a player from every position besides point guard. Lillard is the top point guard prospect in this draft and an elite scorer. The Jazz have a huge need at the point and Lillard could start from day one.

10. Portland Trailblazers: Cody Zeller: C- Indiana

– The Trailblazers cleaned house at the trade deadline and traded their starting center Marcus Camby. He is almost 40 and was not part of their future, so it is not a major loss, but the team has a big hole at the five. The talented Zeller is young, but shows polish for a young center and could become a star.

11. New Orleans Hornets: Kendall Marshall- PG- UNC

– Marshall is the top pure point guard prospect in the draft and was the best floor leader in the nation. He also started showing a great offensive skill set before being injured and has proven that he is a starting point guard in the NBA. After losing Chris Paul, point guard is a major need and Marshall could be the point guard of the future.

12. Milwaukee Bucks: Tyler Zeller- C- UNC

– After trading Bogut, center is a massive need for the Bucks and the older Zeller brother could become a very good starting center. He may not have the upside of Cody, but he is NBA ready and has a great offensive game.

13. Utah Jazz: Dion Waiters- Guard- Syracuse

– Waiters is one of the surprise players of the year and one of the best offensive players in the nation. He is undersized, but incredibly skilled and the Dwayne Wade comparisons are legitimate, he is that good. He would be great off the bench, but could easily become a starter. Yet another great piece to their post Jerry Sloan future.

14. Phoenix Suns: Jeremy Lamb- SG- UCONN

– The Suns are still stuck in mediocrity and will be until they trade Nash and start rebuilding. They have a big need at shooting guard and could land a star in Lamb. He played on an under whelming UCONN team this season, but still has the potential to be a star.

15. Houston Rockets (From New York)- Meyers Leonard- Illinois

– The Rockets have been looking for a franchise center since losing Yao and could land one in Leonard. He had a great first half of the year, but really struggled in the second half. But he is supremely talented on offense and has the potential to be the center they have been longing for.

16. New Jersey Nets (From Houston)- John Henson- PF- UNC

– It looks that for now, Brook Lopez will continue being the team’s starting center, since the Dwight Howard trade did not go through. Lopez is a great offensive player but a horrible defender and rebounder. The supremely long and athletic Henson could bring both of these things and is NBA ready after his 3 years at UNC. He is the rare upperclassmen with copious untapped potential and room to grow. If he is to reach his full potential he must add strength as he is a bit skinny.

17. Memphis Grizzlies: Austin Rivers- SG- Duke

– The Grizzlies will lose Mayo in free agency and will need a new sixth man and the talented Rivers could become that from day one. He may lack size and athleticism, but he is one of the most talented offensive players in the draft and can score in bunches. He would be great on the Grizzlies and the pedigree from his father, Celtics coach Doc Rivers cannot hurt.

18. Philadelphia 76ers: Royce White- PF- Iowa State

– White has been steadily rising up draft boards over the last few months and could go as high as the lottery. He is a great athlete and could become a dynamic force on offense. The 76ers will need an eventual replacement for Brand and could use more depth up front.

19. Denver Nuggets: Marquise Teague- PG- Kentucky

– Teague, really helped himself with a solid tournament. He would be best served staying another year and having the chance to become a star and the guy at Kentucky, as the team will lose Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, Jones, Lamb and Miller. There is no doubt he has star potential, but is too erratic at times and is not as efficient as he could be. The Nuggets will lose Andre Miller in free agency and will need a backup to Ty Lawson and Teague would make an excellent backup from day one.

20. Boston Celtics: Terrence Ross- SG- Washington

– The Celtics may lose Ray Allen in free agency and would need a replacement, but the team needs scoring off the bench regardless. Ross is a truly gifted scorer, who could be one of the steals of the draft.

21. Atlanta Hawks: Terrence Jones- Forward- Kentucky

– Jones is talented and extremely versatile, however he never dominated at Kentucky the way someone with his skills and talents should have. There seems to be red flags around Jones and his character, but he is a lottery talent and could replace Marvin Williams with the same production for millions less.

22.Indiana Pacers: Fab Melo- C- Syracuse

– Melo was one of the best defensive players in the nation this year and still has room to grow on offense. His suspension may have cost him a chance to play in the tournament, but that should not affect his draft stock as he has an NBA body and NBA talent. The Pacers need a backup to All-Star Roy Hibbert and also insurance in case he leaves as a restricted free agent. Melo is the polar opposite of Hibbert and would be a great backup.

23. Houston Rockets (From Dallas and LAL): Tyshawn Taylor- PG- Kansas

– Taylor’s stock is all over the place. He could not hit a three to save his life in the tournament and was awful until the Final Four, but he was excellent in the final two games. He is a pure scorer and can distribute and should have a solid NBA career. The Rockets will most likely lose Goran Dragic in free agency and could use a backup to Kyle Lowry. Taylor may be just a scorer in the beginning, but could develop into an all-around talent and should become an excellent backup.

24. Boston Celtics (From LAC)- Quincy Miller- Forward- Baylor

– Miller is much more talented than 24, but his disappointing freshman season, as well as the depth at power forward in the draft, could cause him to fall. The Celtics could also lose Garnett in free agency and grabbing a lottery talent this late would be coup. He may not be NBA ready, but could be very good one day.

25. Orlando Magic: Jeff Taylor- SF- Vanderbilt

– The Magic are built around surrounding Howard with shooters, but Taylor can also create his own show shot and is a surprisingly good athlete. He could start on the Magic much sooner than people think.

26. Cleveland Cavaliers (From LAL- Deron Lamb- SG- Kentucky

– Solid yet unspectacular, Lamb has a solid all-around offensive game and never got a chance to shine on a stacked Kentucky team. He did have a great championship game and could contribute on an NBA team, immediately. The Cavaliers have nothing on the perimeter and he could start in his rookie season.

27. Golden State Warriors: (From San Antonio): Arnett Moultrie- PF- Mississippi St.

– Moultrie’s stock is all over the place, some have him in the top ten and others have him as a late first round pick. There is no denying that he is extremely talented, however like Quincy Miller and John Henson, the depth at power forward could cause him to fall. After trading Ekpe Udoh, the team lacks depth and youth in the frontcourt and he could be a rotational player from day one.

– 28. Miami Heat: Jeff Withey: C- Kansas

– Withey has shot up draft boards after a phenomenal tournament, where his defense helped them win games and he simply shut down Anthony Davis in the finals. He is an elite rebounder and shot blocker and has a developing offensive game. He is also quite tall and NBA ready on defense and could make the rotation as a rookie, as the Heat are still looking for a starting center to grow with the squad.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder: Moe Harkless- Forward- St. Johns U

– A fantastic athlete and developing player, Harkless could develop into a great player in the pros. He had a great freshman year and could contribute for the Thunder, who have been looking for a backup to Durant for awhile.

30. Chicago Bulls: Mason Plumlee- Forward- Duke

Plumlee will never be a star and may never be a starter, but he is a blue-collar player who will play hard every minute on the court and do all of the little things to help his team win. The Bulls need frontcourt insurance in case they lose Asik or Gibson in the next two years and Plumlee is the type of hard working big that Tom Thibodeau loves.

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  2. john says:

    I believe the NBA now requires 2 years out of high school to play in the NBA so those freshmen will have to wait another year.

  3. Ryan C says:


    This is definetely the best mock draft I have seen. The only big disagreement that I have is with Perry Jones. I think 11 is too low for Jones. I think Jones is going to be a top 5 pick. His upside is incredible and I watch a lot of Baylor games living in Texas and I believe he is a better prospect than Quincy Miller.

  4. 420Phenom says:

    As a Portland fan I think after Wes Matthews has underwhelmed starting, has since been benched for Crawford who is on the tail end of his career. The weakest part of the team has been the guard play, so hometown kid Terrence Ross makes sense for Portland.

  5. Jay says:

    Umm sorry, but as an IU fan, Cody Zeller won’t be leaving after one year. He doesn’t have the build of an NBA player yet, plus he’s too smart to do that (valedictorian in his class) He’ll graduate in 3 years and then be a top 5 selection in the 2014 draft.

  6. Dave says:

    I agree there is no way the cavs pass on Drummond is he falls to them but im not a big fan of Draymond Green. I don’t see a 6’6 PF being productive in the NBA. I would much rather take a wing like Jeff Taylor or William Bufford.

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